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Protection of the environment is a topical issue of which the public is increasingly aware. Citizens are better informed about the long-term global risks that can affect environment and therefore more and more concerned about the consequences for health and wellbeing. Society is making industry evermore responsible. Companies are currently seeking means to strengthen their insurance protection.

French environmental regulation has changed :
What are the new responsibilities for your company ?

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Key facts and figures

« The European Directive 2004/35/EC, applicable from 30 April 2007, adds a new dimension to corporate liability as it recognizes the natural environment as a resource liable to suffer damage. This new administrative liability for companies requires them to remedy damage to the natural environment such as soil, water, protected species and habitats, by order of the relevant authority which will set the required level of both remedy and prevention measures. »


- Ecosphere benefits from all the advantages of a product designed and implemented by AXA Corporate Solutions :
- Carefully worded and structured policies using clear, practical definitions
- A dedicated European team of underwriters with environmental expertise ;
- Capacity to adapt the product to international markets and to local constraints
- Loss prevention engineering support developed over more than fifteen years

A full range of environmental covers

- Environmental impairment civil liability, protection against third party claims ;
- Environmental liability, independent of any claim, covering expenses incurred in preventing, minimizing or remedying “environmental damage”
- Cover of expenses incurred by the insured
- Business interruption as a result of the partial or total closedown of the site, etc.

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Environmental Liability : evolving régulations
La règlementation française a évolué :
Quelles sont vos nouvelles responsabilités en matière d’environnement ?
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