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We are with you

At your side to insure your business


In a world ever more complex and unpredictable, multinational companies need a strong and experienced partner to overcome many challenges:

Volatile market
Serial failures / accumulation
Emerging risks (space weather, debris, cyber)
New technologies (launchers, satellites)

5 reasons to choose us

  1. You benefit from a close relationship with our experienced and committed teamsOur senior underwriters have a strong satellite industry experience

  2. You can rely on a smooth claims managementOur team has a deep understanding of the technical aspects, resulting in timely claims settlements

  3. You can trust our worldwide presenceWe are located in 12 countries and our network spans 150 countries where our selected and annually assessed partners focus on global compliance.

  4. Your satellite can be covered during all its operational life, from launch until the end of its in-orbit lifeOur Space team also supports our Property and Cargo teams to cover satellites during manufacturing and transit / pre-launch

  5. You are provided with tailor-made solutions adapted to your requirementsOur expertise allows us to address your needs in a timely manner, through clear and transparent solutions

We are at your side to meet your cover needs

Our Space insurance offer

Rely on our property cover to protect your satellite during its operational life

  • Launch
  • Transfer to final orbit
  • In-orbit test
  • In-orbit life

Benefit from tailor-made solutions for your specific business

  • Telecoms
  • Earth observation
  • Launch agencies
  • Satellite manufacturers

Dzung NGUYEN-TU / Global CUO Aviation & Space

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