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We are with you

At your side to insure your business


In a world ever more complex and unpredictable, companies need a strong and experienced partner to help minimise and insure your environmental risks

Increasing & stringent environmental regulations
Growing exposure : reputation, cost, etc...
Complicated environmental claims management

4 reasons to choose us

  1. You benefit from a close relationship with our experienced and committed teams

  2. You are provided with tailor-made solutions adapted to your needsOur offer will support you in all of your activities: facility operation, transportation, services to third parties, etc...

  3. You get the right claims supportManaging an environmental loss is complex, involving many stakeholders (third parties, NGP's authorities, environmental experts, etc.). Furthermore, onsite remediation can take years. Our claims department has recognised expertise in this field and stands ready to assist you.

  4. You can trust our international programme capabilitiesOur network spans 150 countries where our selected and annually assessed partners focus on global compliance. In addition, you can rely on our Online reporting tools which will help you manage your international programmes

We are at your side to meet your cover needs

Our Environment insurance offer

ECOSPHERE – comprehensive, specialist environmental liability cover

  • Third Party liability
    for damages arising out of injury, damage and financial loss which arises from pollution, plus emergency costs of mitigation costs to prevent or minimise a liability claim
  • Cover for environmental liability
    for prevention or remediation costs as defined by the ELD or other environmental law
  • First party losses
    Cover for clean-up costs for damage to land and water or clean-up costs for damage to the insured’s property which arises from pollution
  • First party Business interruption cover
    cover in respect of loss of gross profits and/or additional operating costs following a partial or total stop-page to business arising from pollution
  • Other tailor-made solutions can also be available to provide very specific covers
    such as historical pollution or remediation costs that are higher than anticipated

TRANS-SPHERE, our solution specially adapted for transport and logistics professionals

  • covers all the environmental risks that may arise in connection with road, rail, inland waterway transportation, at every step of the transportation chain.

We are at your side helping you conduct your business, today and in the future. Whatever happens, wherever your business takes you

Guy Money / Global CUO Environment

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