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We are with you

At your side to insure your business


In a world ever more complex and unpredictable, multinational companies need a strong and experienced partner to overcome many challenges:

Safety of air transportation
New technologies (drones)
Security (piracy, terrorism)

5 reasons to choose us

  1. You benefit from a close relationship with our experienced and committed teamsWith around 80 aviation specialists all over the world

  2. You can trust our international programme capabilitiesOur network spans 150 countries where our selected and annually assessed partners focus on global compliance. In addition, you can rely on our Online reporting tools which will help you manage your international programmes

  3. You benefit from our financial strength and our subscription capacityEqual to 500 million US dollars per risk

  4. You can count on our expertiseWe are the leading insurer for 80% of our portfolio, proof of the confidence our clients have in our team

  5. You get the right claims supportOur team has a deep understanding of the technical aspects, resulting in timely claim settlements

We are at your side to meet your cover needs

Our Aviation offer

We support air transport professionals, as well as related industries and service providers, all over the planet, addressing their needs for financial protection and risk prevention





Our specialist teams adapt solutions to your needs

Worldwide Competency

Our Aviation centre of expertise is based in Paris, France. The geographic scope of our competency is worldwide, which allows our teams to respond rapidly and efficiently to every request for local or international insurance coverage – either directly from Paris or via our global underwriting platforms.

International Programmes

The partnerships we have established span more than 150 countries, allowing us to offer our clients insurance solutions virtually anywhere in the world.

A complete range of products

Our insurance and service offering is regularly enhanced with new products so that we can provide innovative solutions to our clients that offer the broadest possible financial protection.

Prevention and crisis management

Prevention is a core value of the AXA Group, which supports fundamental research efforts designed to improve air safety via the AXA-ISAEresearch project. Our network has earned worldwide recognition for their knowhow in the management of major events.

Dzung NGUYEN-TU / Global Chief Underwriting Officer for Aviation & Space

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