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About us

Corporate Responsibility

We play a role beyond insurance

We are responsible at all levels of our organisation, contributing to sustainable economic development

We seek to place Corporate Responsibility at the center of our activity

  1. We are committed to responsible corporate behaviourwith respect to shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, the environment and civil society

  2. Our business involves more than just picking up the piecesProtection is a basic component of our activity. We help society to understand, reduce and mitigate risks. Insurance is the last line of defense

  3. Our role goes well beyond a merely technical solution; the human dimension is essentialOur Corporate Responsibility Week (CR Week) provides an ideal opportunity to showcase what AXA Corporate Solutions does in terms of protection.

As insurers, our main role is to protect

Environmental risk audits

We offer risk analysis and prevention services. This expertise helps to reduce the total loss experience through stronger prevention. Each year, several hundred site visits are carried out.

Discipline in underwriting

Our underwriting manual incorporates its clients' sustainable development policies, with audits also taking in energy and security aspects, safety or human rights in the workplace.

Marine risks

We deny insurance cover for any vessels that are unable to prove that they are fully compliant with the regulations and standards in force or whose conditions for implementation are in doubt. The underwriting of any fleet with oil tankers over 15 years old - all of which are single-hull vessels - is subject to a full preliminary review by a committee of technical experts.

Ground pollution

We offer the "XS Depoll" service in order to encourage businesses to clean up any pollution at their sites, e.g. following flooding linked to storm surges. This insurance policy guarantees the reimbursement of any excess costs linked to certain random aspects such as the complexity of the ground or the limited results that can be achieved with certain depollution techniques.

Environmental damage

ECOSPHERE combines civil liability cover, protecting third parties both on and off site, environmental liability cover, and a "damages" section to protect the policyholder's assets. By providing flexible and rapid emergency compensation measures, we can help to stop pollution worsening or spreading.

Energy & Chemical

Our Energy & Chemicals business centralises the huge pool of experience gained in the renewable energy sector through our operations all over the world.


AXA and SUEZ agreed on a partnership to improve the resilience of cities and territories against flood risks. By joining their competencies, the two groups will propose solutions to communities and industries to help them improve resilience.

AXA launches new climate change actions

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