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Protecting businesses against Cyber risks

With Cyber Sphere, AXA Corporate Solutions supports its clients by offering them full Cyber insurance coverage that :

  1. protects their balance sheet and ensures business continuity
  2. provides financial resources for crisis management and notifying impacted parties
  3. entitles them to fluid management by a single team of experts in the event of a loss

The Cyber Solutions of AXA :

with AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants

Cyber Sphere
with AXA Corporate Solutions

independently of the insurance policy and designed to support businesses as they seek to identify and prevent Cyber losses, AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants and CASSIDIAN Cyber Security offer a complete analysis of loss exposure. Combining technical vulnerabilities and the management of cyber risks within a single approach, this service allows risk managers to visualize the levels of exposure and set mitigation priorities.

AXA Corporate Solutions offers a single Policy that combines Property and Casualty coverage and includes Computer Fraud option).

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