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Corporate Responsability

AXA seeks to place corporate responsibility at the center of its goals.

This means adopting responsible behavior at all levels of our activity and thus contributing to sustainable economic development. All Group entities, and AXA Corporate Solutions in particular, are committed along these lines with respect to shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, the environment and civil society.

AXA Corporate Solutions’ business involves more than just repairing the possible consequences of risk. Protection is a basic component of its activity. It starts with risk detection and prevention and then extends to repair, if necessary.

AXA Corporate Solutions’ role goes well beyond a merely technical solution ; the human dimension is essential. Corporate Responsibility Week (CR Week) provides an ideal opportunity to showcase what AXA Corporate Solutions does in terms of protection. This applies to the activities of AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants, as well as to the Green Products and Parametric Insurance developed by AXA Corporate Solutions, its collaboration with the AXA Research Fund, and the mobilization of its many employees who volunteer for AXA Hearts in Action.