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Commitments & Tools

1. Commitments

In terms of Policy Quality Management, AXA Corporate Solutions commits to

2. Tools

An innovative and complementary service offered to our clients brokers. Thanks to this application you will be able to issue insurance certificates using predefined templates under one/several selected insurance policy/policies.
Thanks to this digital service, issuance delays of standardized certificates have been improved of a bit more than 50%. Indeed this service responds to the needs of reactivity raised by our clients and brokers who can obtain an insurance certificate (issued on their own) at any time without even liaising with the contact dedicated to the administration of the account.

Pre-conditions :
The e-Certificate application is available to brokers and clients who :

All changes which may occur during the period of validity of the policy registered in the tool (change of address, mergers & acquisitions, etc.) are registered in e-Certificates by the AXA Corporate Solutions S policy handler upon declaration made by the client and/or broker. Modification is effective immediately after validation of broker and/client.

AXA Dice is the fruit of important investment and is currently AXA Corporate Solutions tool dedicated to the implementation and administration of international programs.

• A « Policy Management » component : our local partners provide AXA Corporate Solutions with all relevant information necessary for the issuance of international programs reports. Information related to the issuance of contractual documents, premiums invoice, local premium payments is thus directly filled in by local partners and available to the master AXA Corporate Solutions entity for monitoring and reporting sake.

• A « Claim » component : local partners provide AXA Corporate Solutions entities with claims information managed at local scale. Such information is released under a pre-defined format – EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

• A « Reporting » component : this coming module will enable our clients to log in and issue an international premium/claims report by themselves.

An internal workflow allows us to follow the implementation progress of local policies from the sending of instructions to the network to local premium payment. This monitoring assures a better control of our commercial commitment to involved captives and coinsurers.
A report issued on a monthly basis can be made available for external/internal purpose.