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Parametric insurance : AWARDS’ BOOK

Parametric insurance : an innovative approach to protecting customers against various weather-related risks - FOR CATEGORY : « Emerging Risk Solution of the Year »

Discover our innovative insurance solutions for the renewable energy industry

We are in the midst of a complete energy revolution. 2015 marked the turn with 195 countries, including China and the US, agreeing to limit global warming to below 2°C. Beyond government-led initiatives, more and more private players are entering the renewable energy market, and investments are soaring worldwide at an unprecedented rate, notably in emerging markets [...]

AXA Corporate Solutions International Network at 11th RDV internationaux

AXA Corporate Solutions is one of the very few International insurers with the capability, know-how and world-wide presence to truly support international insurance programmes. Today our network allows us to arrange insurance protection in over 150 countries at key strategic points around the world [...]

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