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Chief Executive Officer
AXA Corporate Solutions Italy

AXA Corporate Solutions is a leading Insurer into the market for large and corporate companies worldwide handling over 1,600 international programs. It has developed in Italy over a period of almost 20 years a leading market position, accompanying his customers in almost 150 countries.

In Italy, we are the business partner of multi-national corporations and large organizations domiciled in Italy doing business around the world offering them global capacity coverage, tailor-made high quality services and products, dedicated team and first class engineering expertise. Our high-skilled underwriters, Clients services handlers, risk management consultants and claims specialists are a long-term value for our Clients !

Based on an integrative risk management expertise, we can provide to all types of industries the best range of products and services in order to prevent risks, to protect assets and to assure the quickest business recovery. We are definitely a long-term strategic partner for our Clients as we are able to take into account new trends and emerging risks and provide reliable, efficient and innovative products and services.

In case a large claim event occurs, our Claims experts are able to provide prompt worldwide assistance, high handling crisis management and recovering abilities. More than a response, indeed we provide to our Clients to resilience solution to assure their business continuity.

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