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2016 Facts and figures

In 2016, AXA Corporate Solutions secured its position as one of the top three global players in providing insurance and related services in its corporate market segments.

The company has pursued its discipline of revenue and earning growth targets in underwriting with regard to both the coverage provided and the quality of its risks. The pricing policy is based on an individualized and attentive approach, which is facilitated by the thorough knowledge that AXA Corporate Solutions has of its clients

Our 2016 Turnover split by Line of Business

Our 2016 key facts and figures : Watch the video !

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Our 2016 documentations

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2016 Facts and figures
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Rapport sur la Solvabilité et la Situation Financière
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Solvency and Finanical Conditions Report
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Modèle de Déclaration Quantitative
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Quantitative Reporting Templates

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